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One of my carpool buddies, , bumped into this here photo blog I believe as a result of my post. He has a new band called () that plays Latin alternative music. He asked if I would come to one of their practice sessions to p> get some documentary type shots for their website. I figured I could use the experience so I said yes.

Saturday I went up to their studio to see what I could do. In talking to David before hand he said it was a small room with dim lighting. So just I'm case I brought my studio lights. I was glad I did as they helped immensely.  It was still quite difficult as the band was scattered around the room all facing eachother.  Naturally any place I put the lights would be close to some and far away from others.  This made the lighting quite difficult. P>  i basically had to adjust the lights depending on who i was shooting.

More experienced photogs may have been able to do it all with one setting, but I guess I'm not that photog quite yet.  Luckily I had picked up some JrX remote triggers which allowed me to adjust the strobes on the fly.  This made it extremely easy to [p>] adjust the power of my two lights as I went around the room and framed different situations.

After the studio we moved out to an auditorium of sorts to do some casual shots on a couch that they had.  They had a great wood floor that added a lot to the shots.

Finally we went out to beside their building to get some outside shots.  Again, wanting it kind of casual.

All in all I enjoyed the challenge.  Hopefully the band gets some stuff out of it that they like.  David is a designer himself p>, so he will be editing the photos with his own chosen style.  I edited these for my own benefit to see what I could do with them.

Any feedback is welcome as I am always wanting to improve.


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