Photos in the Wild: Welfare Operations

A project that I have worked on for the last year at work has finally launched.  The Welfare Operations Training site.

When creating the site I wanted to use the iconic Welfare Square grain silos located next to I-15 in Utah as a recognizable banner on the front page.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any good photos of the silos in the library of approved media.  So I decided to go take the picture myself 🙂

Here it is in place on the front page of the site.

Welfare Square Grain Silos

We also needed a photo of a computer in our “How to Use the Site” section and again, none of the images I had access to would work as I wanted a white computer (not the norm) that wouldn’t stand out so much.  So I went to the home studio on my white seamless paper, and did a little photoshoot with my own computer hardware.

Computer from studio shoot

The LCD is actually a black Dell 2001FP that I did some fairly heavy Photoshopping on to make white/grey.

So while they are my photos, they were taken on the company dime (I signed over full rights to them).  But it’s still cool to have my work out on an official site of the church.

I am grateful I had the skills and equipment to get the photos I wanted.


  1. Matt Miller says:

    The grain silos photograph is the icing on the cake of a well designed site. Thanks for going the extra mile and applying your photography talent (not a job requirement) to make some pretty boring content visually interesting.

  2. Randy Hall says:

    I agree with what Matt said. You did a nice job and the photos, especially the Welfare Square one, really put a nice finishing touch on the site. Congrats on having your project launch. Woohoo!

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