New Design, BIGger pictures

I have been wanting to update the look of my blog forever, but just never got around to it. After posting pictures of the holi festival I got lots of great comments on the photos, but thought they could have been shown of so much better.

I have been a long time fan of the big picture blog over at They post a few times a week on various interesting subjects. But the best part are the… BIG PICTURES.  They display their photos at a glorious 990 pixels wide. So different from most other blogs.  You really get to dig into the detail of the amazing photos.  So I decided to take my cue from them and change my layout to show bigger pictures.

I moved all the stuff that was in the side column down to the very bottom as that wasn’t what you are here for anyway. I took that extra space and added a little more and am now proudly showing my photos off at 900px wide.  Sure it’s not the full 990 that Big Picture does, but it’s still pretty dang big and gives me a little room to have some fun with the design.

The web designer (and geek) in me had fun using some fun new features that the good browsers are starting to support.  I say good, because if you are looking at the site in Internet Explorer you are missing out on a few of the niceties. I won’t get on my soapbox about why IE sucks at this time, but do us all a favor and stop using it… m’kay?

I know I don’t post that often, and there are many better photographers out there (see my blogroll at the bottom of the screen for several)… but for the little I do post, I hope you enjoy the new format of seeing the bigger photos.

I have updated the holi festival post to use the larger photos, and may go back to others from the past to update them as well.  The photos in this post are selections from the past in their new bigger format.

To more easily navigate the photos you can press your J and K keys to go down and up respectively, jumping to the next or previous photo.  Kind of weird keys to use, but that is what a number of sites are already using (Google Reader, Big Picture) so thought I would follow suit.

I’m sure I have the occasional bug to fix here and there, but hopefully I’ll get to them… sometime this year. 🙂


  1. Jeremy Hall says:

    Love the new design and especially the large format photos. I am in that same boat of *really* needing to do update my blog along with a lot of things about my online presence. Kudos for actually getting it done!

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