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Happy Dallintines Day

Story behind this down lower…

I started with the following picture:


Did some work in Lightroom:


Then into Photoshop for the text (hopefully I can do this all in Lightroom 3 when it comes out):


Final Product

So the computer editing is all well and good, but at this point Dallin just looks like he’s shaking his fist in the air.  The funnest part of this project is when you add the lollipop:


Full Story

Full disclosure that I blatantly stole this valentines day card idea from Suzanne over at Lookie Loo Photography.  I am a huge fan of her work and if I were to have someone else take pics of my family, she would be one of the two I would go to.

So what is Dallintines day?  Last year when my son Dallin could first really register the word “valentines” he naturally thought it was Dallintines because hey… how many words have an “allin” sound in them? So when I started thinking about recreating this idea in making a card for him to hand out, I thought it would be fun to include that on the card.

Dallin doesn’t normally like to sit/stand still for my parentally enforced photo shoots.  Luckily he was kind of interested in this one after seeing Suzanne’s examples and so cooperated with me. He even did the arm on the hip like Suzanne’s daughter did without my prompting.  Here are a few more of the winning shots from the evening.  We got a few of each of them printed out to mix it up a little.



Thanks to Suzanne (who hopefully isn’t mad I “borrowed” her idea) for the inspiration. This was the most fun I’ve had taking pics with Dallin in a while.

Gritty Details

I shot this in my basement with my two AlienBees B800 studio lights, two yards of fabric from the fabric store and my normal camera gear.  The fabric is actually clamped on to a boxspring I have standing up against the wall… nothing too fancy.

I got the studio lights after the first studio lighting photowalk back in 2008. So far all I’ve used them for is pics of family (and the occasional macro).  I really need to break out of my comfort zone and use them more often so I can get good enough to charge a few bucks and get the cost back.  But until then, I sure have lots of great pics of my boys and their cousins 🙂

Mark and Lydia at the St George Temple

Back in August 2008, Mark and Lydia got married down at the St George temple.  Unfortunately there aren’t many weddings from there posted on the internet to steal ideas from so I had to wing it.

This was my 4th wedding as the official photographer.  I still get super nervous, especially since it is family I am shooting for (Mark is my wife’s brother).  If I mess it up, I will still be seeing them later on.  Luckily things worked out great and there are some fun shots as a result.

Flying Dallin

Flying Dallin

Canon Rebel XT, EFS 28-135 IS, 1/400, f/11, 85 mm, ISO 200

After so many other failed attempts at blogging, I thought I would give it yet another try with a photoblog inspired by some of my fellow photowalking photographers.

For my inaugural post I thought I would use my currently most popular photo on Flickr. My second most popular photo is the sequel to this one. Dallin’s Second Flight.

He’s a growing boy so I won’t be able to do this forever. But hopefully I can get one more in before my back gives out 🙂