LDS Temple Photography – new design

I’ve spent the past few months tinkering with several different designs for my LDS Temple Photography site.  I never really bonded with any of them until this last version.

Decently inspired by Scott Jarvie’s blog (which in turn is a wordpress theme), I have hopefully changed it enough to make it my own.  My site is not based on wordpress so the code is all my own and I rebuilt the layout myself.  So while it’s visually similar, it was rebuilt from the ground up to work with my different columns, widths and desired colors (I read there was a psd avaialable AFTER I was all done *sigh*).

Anyway, I think this new design provides a much more elegant feel to the site then the temporary site that was up previously, and speaks more to the subject matter.  Hopefully others enjoy it as well.


  1. scott says:

    Man I wish I new how to change things up like this or your website!!
    I’d love to have have my blog not be white background and a bit more stylish.

    But anyway… the site looks good!

  2. Jaffar says:

    MiriamThis is not a comment, but I do have a queitson regarding what to do if I want to convert to Mormonism, but my husband (of ten years) is not a Mormon, does not want to be, and is a practicing Buddhist (having been born and raised as a Buddhist). I am a former Roman Catholic, and married him with the understanding that I too would try to follow the Buddhist path (as I studied Zen Buddhism for many years). I have found less and less happiness as a Buddhist, and miss my Christian background. I also have no desire to return to Catholicism, but am really drawn to Mormonism, and everything I have read about it. I am wondering if anyone can offer advice, as I do love my husband very much, but I KNOW he would never convert to Mormonism, and probably would be very hurt and upset if he knew of my desire to convert to Mormonism. He is very happy as a Buddhist and has no desire to become a Christian. Please help! Thank you.

  3. hola tngo 19 años y empeze a tomar las minipildoras antes de ponerme el implante…mi pregunta es muchas de ustedes augmentaon de peso?o les duro mucho tiempo la regla..porq son dos cosas q no qiero q me pases…un besoo y contesten xfavor

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