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Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Canon 40D, Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6 EX DC HSM, 1/250, f/11, 16 mm, ISO 100

So I got a request the other day through my LDS Temple Photography site asking if I had any plans to add Oquirrh Mountain Temple to my list of photos.  I had been meaning to get up there forever to take some pics but just never had.  But it so happens that my work was moving to a mile away or so, and so I took the opportunity to run over for a quick photo shoot with the temple.

I got several great shots, and since I have had so little activity here lately maybe I’ll post a few of them.  I went in the morning and then made a return trip that evening to get some dusk/night shots.

This is also my first shot with my new wide angle lens.  I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the shots I wanted without it.  It’s a great addition to my bag.

Five Temples

Los Angeles California Temple

During a recent family vacation to southern California to attend a family reunion, I thought I would beef up the selection on my LDS Temple Photography site and take pictures of the temples along the way.  Sometimes it would just have to be at the time we were passing by them, and so the lighting wasn’t the best, but something is better then nothing I guess.

The temples we visited were:

  1. St George Utah
  2. Las Vegas Nevada
  3. Los Angeles California
  4. Newport Beach California
  5. Redlands California

It was interesting to see temples from various eras.  St George being one of the originals.  Los Angeles being from the 1950’s.  Las Vegas from when there was kind of a “lots of spires” wave going on. Newport Beach and Redlands from the “mini” temple category.

We first visited Los Angeles at the worst part of the day with stark lighting from straight above (the “passiny by” reference from above).  After a visit to the beach, I steered the family back for a second visit just at dusk and was pleased to get my favorite temple shot of the vacation (above).

The one I was the most surprised by was Newport Beach.  The grounds were just gorgeous.  Rivaling Temple Square in my opinion.  Sadly there was a heavy smog that morning so it has a nice grey sky to backdrop it.

Newport Beach California Temple

Of all the places I expected to have nice fluffy white clouds in the background… the desert of Las Vegas was not it.  Just as we turned the corner where you can see Las Vegas for the first time there was this rain storm pounding the whole valley (yeah, crazy).  It hadn’t yet made it to the eastern edge where the temple was and by the time I got there the leading clouds were in the background.  It was perfect.

It’s very difficult to get a good shot of the whole temple.  It now has many mature trees on a smallish lot.  Most of the pictures I saw online were from when the palm trees were brand new.

Las Vegas Nevada Temple

Redlands is a bit special for my family as it is the temple a city away from where my mom grew up, and where most of my extended family currently resides.  I love the palm trees that surround it and act as natural spires.

Redlands California Temple

Last and certainly not least, is St George.  Again a family favorite as some great-great-great-great-grandfather helped to build it and apparently has a hand print in one of the upper window wells.  It’s odd how the little casual shot you can take on the way into the grounds can end up your favorite, over the ones you walk around forever to find “just the right angle”.  It sure was nice of that tree to grow as a natural frame like that.  A touch cheesy maybe, but you gotta have one of those every now and then 😉

St. George Utah Temple

Many thanks to my family for putting up with my little side trips.  It was cool to visit 5 temples in 5 days, and it made for a memorable portion of our trip.

LDS Temple Photography – new design

I’ve spent the past few months tinkering with several different designs for my LDS Temple Photography site.  I never really bonded with any of them until this last version.

Decently inspired by Scott Jarvie’s blog (which in turn is a wordpress theme), I have hopefully changed it enough to make it my own.  My site is not based on wordpress so the code is all my own and I rebuilt the layout myself.  So while it’s visually similar, it was rebuilt from the ground up to work with my different columns, widths and desired colors (I read there was a psd avaialable AFTER I was all done *sigh*).

Anyway, I think this new design provides a much more elegant feel to the site then the temporary site that was up previously, and speaks more to the subject matter.  Hopefully others enjoy it as well.

Salt Lake Temple Zoom

Canon Rebel XT, EFS 28-135 IS, 1/320, f/11, 28 mm, ISO 200

Starting this up again after a bit of a hiatus due to the welcoming of a new member to our family (pics coming soon).

Yes this is more of a Christmas shot, but while Kaylene’s parents were visiting to see our new addition we had some pictures playing on our TV (thank you AppleTV) and her dad just went gaga over this shot.  So I thought, why not post it up for others to see as well.

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